About Us

Welcome to Swing Happy! 

Founded in Brisbane, Australia, in 2017. Our Motto is "Find your Swing Happy" 

My name is William, father of one beautiful boy, Hunter, and founder of Swing Happy and it is a pleasure to have you visit our store. 

My son is the primary motivator and inspiration for my passion to provide the very best swing sets, play centres and premium ride on toys that Australia has to offer! This passion sprung into life when I got to see my son on a swing for the very first time, and to watch the most purest form of joy that he experienced. It was enough then and there for me to want to pursue my goal of helping families "Find their Swing Happy".

Find your Swing Happy 

For this reason we provide some of the best swing sets, play centres and ride on toys straight from the Supplier direct to you. Our aim is to provide the best, for the best possible price, without the retail markup.

We found most major retailers prices were so high due their delivery costs, throughout the retail life cycle. We cut out all of that, whats more, we will even cover the delivery costs to you! 

For these reasons we can provide better quality, that is built to last, and suited to the unique Australian environment!

We at Swing Happy hope we can help you and your family, big or small, find your "Swing Happy" 

Thanks again for stopping by Swing Happy! 

- William & Hunter